Orville Weyrich

Software Engineer

Welcome to my printable resume. Please follow the more ... links for expanded essays on various topics. Click Click here for an interactive version of my resume. Thanks for your interest.

I am experienced in, and enjoy all aspects of, the software engineering process, from requirements gathering through coding, testing, deployment, and sustaining. I am seeking a position in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, or Gilbert Arizona that can utilize my talents and energy. I am also open to relocation for the right opportunity.

I am accustomed to working in a "team lead" model in which I am typically responsible for full life-cycle support from requirements through sustaining, and in which I interact with other domain specialists as peers as needed; I am flexible and adapt to other business models as well.

I am comfortable presenting and documenting computer topics for wide-ranging audiences, and have teaching experience from the community college/trade-school level to the graduate level. I enjoy mentoring my co-workers.

I look forward to discussing how we can apply my skills to meet your software engineering needs. Please see my contact information at the bottom of this web page. Thanks for your interest.

Experience by Functional Area

Programming: 30 years total experience

I began my computer-programming career in 1979 while I was working on my PhD dissertation in Chemistry, and I needed to fit some non-linear regression models to my data. The TI-59 calculator I started out programming was too limited, so I taught myself FORTRAN and began taking upper-level classes in Computer Science. Three decades later, I have a broad base of programming skills, as summarized below:

AJAX and LAMP: (see individual skills for total experience)

  • Used Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) along with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and Document Object Model (DOM) to implement this web site and subscription mailing list.
  • Used Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP to implement this web site and subscription mailing list.

Java: 2 years total experience

  • Brooks Automation/Auto-Soft: Java/CORBA/Oracle/NT programming for semiconductor fab automation.
  • Remington College: courses taught include Java.

C++: 4 years total experience

  • Brooks Automation/Auto-Soft: C++ coding and testing.
  • Motorola: C++ and Motif UI/MX programming for semiconductor fab automation.
  • Motorola: TCP/IP protocol development for cell phone test harness.
  • CSK Auto: Y2K bug fixes.
  • Remington College/Education America: Teach Visual C++ Programming.

C: 5 years total experience

  • Brooks Automation/Auto-Soft: C coding and testing.
  • CSK Auto: Y2K bug fixes for C/C++ code.
  • Associate Computer Professional (ACP) Certification (ICCP, May 1991).
  • Pegasus Solutions: Reservation transaction processing in Solaris UNIX environment: C coding, unit and regression testing.
  • Motorola GSTG: Embedded 68030 programming in C and assembly language for cell phone test harness.
  • Quadras/International GeoGraphics: UNIX data entry system.
  • Systems Modeling Technology: Maintain Excelerator for Windows / Real Time.
  • Fidelity Investments: RTS Automated Warehouse Control Software.
  • Desert Micro: Maintain Route Manager for DOS application.

Visual Basic: 4 years total experience

  • SUMCO: Factory Automation with VB6 and FACTORYworks with Oracle SQL back end.
  • Freescale: Factory Automation.
  • Brooks Automation: Factory automation with VB6 and FACTORYworks (Client/Server).
  • Education America: Teach Visual Basic 6 Programming.
  • Desert Mountain Hospitality: Developed "group booking" application in VB 1.0 for DOS.

Ada: 1 years total experience

  • Research Associate on software testing project at Auburn University sponsored by Department of Defense.
  • Developed and taught graduate-level course on Ada at the University of Georgia.
  • ICCP Certification in Ada programming.
  • Associate Computer Professional (ACP) Certification (ICCP, November 1991).

Perl: 3 years total experience

  • Perl programming at Motorola GSTG, and Apache Web sites, Remington College.
  • CGI-scripting of book reviews web site, including search engine.
  • Static page generation of book reviews web site.
  • Manipulation of password files to migrate users.

Tcl/Tk: 3 years total experience

  • Freescale, Motorola: Wrote tool controllers for semiconductor processing tools.
  • Motorola: Wrote GUI front-end to problem reporting/tracking system.

JavaScript, CSS, and DOM: 1 year total experience

  • Used JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and Document Object Model (DOM) to implement this web site and newsletter.
  • Used client-side JavaScript to support interactive resume web site.
  • Used client-side JavaScript to support interactive Computer Aided Instruction web pages.
  • Used JavaScript to resize captions to fit various screen resolutions and window sizes and to change menu appearance when the mouse hovers over a menu item on book reviews web site.
  • Taught JavaScript programming at Remington College/Education America.

Borne/Korn/C-Shell: 17 years total experience

  • Borne/Korn/C-Shell programming: Intel, Motorola GSTG.

Pascal: 6 years total experience

  • Knoxville Utilities Board - SCADA logging subsystem programming.
  • Auburn University - Department of Defense Project- Programming in VAX and Turbo Pascal.
  • University of Georgia - teaching undergraduate and graduate classes in Turbo Pascal.

Prolog: 3 years total experience

  • Transform Logic Corporation: Prolog programmer on reverse engineering project.
  • University of Georgia: worked on project to construct expert system to predict chemical properties.

FORTRAN: 7 years total experience

  • PhD Dissertation in Physical Organic Chemistry (Computer modeling and simulation of thermodynamic systems) implemented in IBM FORTRAN H, PDP-10, and PDP-11 FORTRAN.
  • Post-doctoral work on Amy BMD project at Auburn University to test flight system software written in FORTRAN, including work with VAX VMS FORTRAN and Harris FORTRAN.
  • Master's Degree Supervisor on project to modernize FORTRAN program implemented in CDC FORTRAN for hydroelectric dam operations.
  • Taught FORTRAN at University of Tennessee and Auburn University.

COBOL: 2 years total experience

  • Associate Computer Professional (ACP) Certification (ICCP, May 1990).
  • Reverse engineering of IBM COBOL programs at Transform Logic Corporation.

PHP: 5 months total experience

  • Used PHP and MySQL to implement this web site and newsletter.
  • Used PHP and MySQL to support interactive Computer Aided Instruction web pages.
  • Used PHP and MySQL to support web pages reporting voter registration statistics in Arizona.

XML: 6 months total experience

  • Freescale Semiconductor: Report generation and data interchange.
  • Pegasus Solutions: writing API documentation.

FORTH: 6 months total experience

  • Auburn University: I used implementation of the FORTH interpreter as a teaching tool.

Testing and Q/A: 10 years total experience

Hardware: 17 years total experience

Internet: 12 years total experience

Database: 4 years total experience

Microsoft Office: 8 years total experience

Semiconductor Manufacturing: 7 years total experience

Operating System Platforms: 29 years total experience

UNIX/Linux: 14 years total experience

  • Freescale: Tcl and Apache programming in HP-UX environment.
  • Motorola: UNIX System Administrator (SunOS, Solaris, HP-UX, IRIX).
  • Intel: UNIX System Administrator (ESIX and NCR/AT&T SVR4).
  • Various clients: consulting.
  • Scripting/shell programming using Korn, C-Shell, Perl, and Tcl.
  • configuration management using ClearCase, SCCS, RCS, and CVS.
  • NFS, sendmail, automounter, NIS, X-Window configuration, Motif UI/MX.
  • SunOS, Solaris, HP-UX, IRIX, SVR4, SVR3, SCO, XENIX, Linux, FreeBSD, MINIX.
  • Courses taught at Remington College/Education America: Linux (Slackware and Red Hat), Perl, MySQL.

Windows NT/XP/Server: 6 years total experience

  • Freescale Semiconductor.
  • Brooks Automation/Auto-Soft: Desktop and Client/Server programming.
  • Pegasus Solutions: Desktop.
  • Various Clients: consulting.
  • Intel: Desktop.

MS-DOS/Windows 3.1: 9 years total experience

  • Supported memory management NetWare clients that were also running a TCP/IP stack for X-Window on Windows 3.1 system.
  • Desktop use.
  • Programming for DOS and Windows 3.1 applications.
  • wtst2000 program to test year-2000 compliance of hardware.

OS/2: 7 years total experience

  • Experimented with OS/2 version 1.3 and 2.0.
  • Deployed OS/2 version 2.1 to client site.
  • Used the strong integration capabilities to interact with both Novell NetWare servers and UNIX NFS servers and X11-Window system as part of my standard development environment.
  • Still use OS/2 Warp 4.0 for certain graphics programs.

VAX/VMS: 3 years total experience

  • At Auburn University one of my roles was assistant administrator of the department VAX/VMS server, including programming scripts in DCL.
  • At the University of Georgia I used and administered a micro-VAX/VMS system used for artificial intelligence programming.
  • Pascal programming.
  • FORTRAN programming and porting FORTRAN-G to VAX/VMS-FORTRAN.

PDP-11/RSX & RSTS: 3 years total experience

  • Macro-11 programming.
  • Pascal programming.
  • FORTRAN programming.
  • Basic-plus Programming.

CP/M: 2 years total experience

  • Built Heathkit H-89 from scratch.
  • Taught Pascal programming using Turbo Pascal.
  • Customized Kermit program.
  • Implemented laboratory equipment data acquisition.

Novell NetWare: 1 years total experience

  • Configured client stack for Windows 3.1 for use with TCP/IP stack running X-Window system.
  • Installed version 2.10 Server and configured DOS and Windows 3.1 clients.
  • Installed version 3.11 Server and configured DOS and Windows 3.1 clients.
  • Installed version 4.02 Server and configured OS/2, Windows 9x, Windows NT, DOS and Windows 3.1 clients.
  • 4.02 server integrated into my home office LAN.

IBM 360/370 Mainframe: 5 years total experience

  • Teaching FORTRAN, BAL, and JCL programming at Auburn University. TSO.
  • FORTRAN, BAL, and JCL programming at University of Tennessee for PhD Dissertation; RJE.

Dec-10: 2 years total experience

  • FORTRAN, programming at University of Tennessee for PhD Dissertation.

Artificial Intelligence: 4 years total experience

Control Systems: 7 years total experience

configuration management: 7 years total experience

Embedded Systems: 3 years total experience

Job History

Quadras Corporation (June 2013 - December 2013)

Grand Canyon University (January 2010 - present)

SUMCO (March 2011 - December 2011)

Quadras Corporation (Formerly International GeoGraphics) (2009)

Freescale Semiconductor (March 2006 - June 2008)

Fulltime Employee (October 2007 - June 2008)

  • Software Engineer - salaried - Tempe & Chandler AZ.
  • I conducted full-lifecycle maintenance programming on existing DESPACH and AMAT-5x00 tool controllers, implemented using Brooks FA-Builder in Visual Basic 6, including making extensive enhancement to vbUnit regression test suites.
  • I was team lead on a full-lifecycle project that implemented the interface software necessary to integrate the factory automation control of an MRC-943 gold sputter tool with the PROMIS workflow management system.
  • Working with another team member, I made significant enhancements to the tclUnit test engine and supporting mock libraries on an HP-UX Unix platform.
  • My team migrated the entire Tempe fab "Machine Manager" software system to a new server environment on an HP-UX Unix platform, while maintaining 24x7 factory operation.
  • I implemented the full life-cycle upgrade of Tcl/Tk GUI interface software ("MSI") in support of a factory workstation technical refresh at the Tempe CS-1 fab, while maintaining 24x7 factory operation.
  • Tools used included Tcl/Tk, Expect, HP-UX, Windows Server, Brooks FA-Builder, Visual Basic 6, Visual Source Safe and CVS (configuration management), XML, XSLT, tclUnit, and vbUnit.

Contract Consultant (March 2006 - October 2007)

  • Job Shop Programmer with NetPolarity/Consultant at Freescale CS1 - Tempe AZ.
  • Tcl/Tk programmer maintaining existing MSI and Machine Manager code.
  • I developed a first of a kind MSI and Machine Manager for KLA8100.

Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (October 2001 - March 2006)

Remington College / Education America (October 2001 - April 2004)

Pegasus Solutions (April 2001 - August 2001)

CSK Auto (February 2000 - April 2000)

Brooks Automation (January 2000 - March 2001)

Auto-Soft Corporation (May 1997 - January 2000)

Motorola Systems and Space Technology Group (July 1994 - March 1997)

Software Engineer (January 1996 - March 1997)

  • Job Shop Programmer with Superior Design/Contract Consultant - Scottsdale AZ.
  • I designed, implemented in C/C++, tested and deployed a TCP/IP data logging communications protocol to interface between a Solaris UNIX engineering workstation and an embedded 68030 test-harness, which allowed engineers to record events occurring during execution of cellular telephone tests.
  • I designed, implemented in C, and ran acceptance tests for GSM cellular phones on a 68030 embedded test harness.
  • Tools used: C/C++, 68030 assembly language, Solaris UNIX, systems analysis and design using Cadre Teamwork (forerunner of UML), and documentation using FrameMaker.

UNIX/Network Administrator (July 1994 - January 1996)

  • Job Shop Programmer with Superior Design/Contract Consultant - Chandler & Scottsdale AZ.
  • I supported SunOS, Solaris, HP/UX, and SGI IRIX versions of UNIX, Windows 3.1/Netware/X-Window workstations, and PowerMac workstations.
  • I expanded an engineering subnet from a single SunOS Sparc-10, to include four SunOS and two HP-UX servers.
  • Joined by additional team members, I further expanded the subnet to include 10 Solaris servers, 21 Silicon Graphics "Indy" workstations, and 60 PowerMac desktop units, serving a total of over 80 users.
  • I represented my department in a security policy task force, and implemented network and system security audits, which resulted in identifying a security incident.
  • I increased UNIX system responsiveness while running cross-compilers and circuit emulators by using performance monitoring and kernel tuning.
  • My responsibilities included setup, configuration, and support of sendmail, automounter, Network Time Protocol (xntp), and Network Information Servers ("NIS yellow pages"), CERN World Wide Web server, X-Window clients and servers, Atria ClearCase (configuration management), Cadre Teamwork. and Novell NetWare clients.
  • I upgraded SPARC and SGI hardware, including internal disks, memory, and expansion cards, and did SCSI disk setup and cloning.

Intel (April 1993 - June 1994)

Quadras Corporation / International GeoGraphics (February 1992 - March 1993)

Transform Logic Corporation (August 1989 - October 1990)

University of Georgia (August 1986 - August 1990)

Visiting Scientist (August 1989 - August 1990)

  • As Visiting Scientist in the Artificial Intelligence Group at the University of Georgia, my work on Genetic Algorithms as applied to Diagnostic Decision Making was published in the refereed journal Expert Systems with Applications.

Assistant Professor (August 1986 - August 1989)

  • Assistant Professor of Computer Science and member of the Artificial Intelligence Faculty - salaried - Athens GA.
  • I was a contributor to the successful NSF grant proposal to obtain an Intel Hypercube for development of high-performance algorithms.
  • I extended my previous research in solving path predicates for black-box testing that I began at Auburn University to include the testing of Ada programs.
  • In conjunction with other faculty colleagues, I supervised student projects to develop SIMODULA, a discrete event simulation processor integrated with a SQL database. This work lead to the "Best Paper Award" when presented at the 23rd Annual Simulation Symposium, and has been further described as a chapter in the book series Progress in Simulation.
  • I also worked on an Environmental Protection Agency project to predict chemical properties using an expert system implemented in Prolog.
  • I developed and taught graduate level courses in Discrete Structures and Data Structures, Ada, Software Defect Removal, and Hypertext.
  • I taught graduate level courses in Software Engineering, Operating Systems, Computer Networks, and Pascal for non-majors.
  • I taught undergraduate courses in CS-2 and Computer Applications Software.

Auburn University (February 1983 - August 1986)

Knoxville Utility Board (January 1980 - February 1983)

University of Tennessee (September 1980 - December 1982)

Independent Consultant (February 1983 - present)

The identity of independent consulting clients is proprietary information, so only general descriptions are provided below.


Continuing Education

University of Georgia (Assistant Professor of Computer Science 1986 - 1989)

Auburn University (Postdoctoral studies in Computer Science and Engineering 1983 - 1986)

University of Tennessee (PhD Physical Organic Chemistry 1982)

Duke University (Masters Organic Chemistry 1976)

Union College of Kentucky (Baccalaureate Chemistry, Math, Physics 1973)

Centerville High School (1970)

Professional Certifications

The Institute for the Certification of Computer Professionals (ICCP) offers several certification programs, consisting of a combination of core and specialty fields. I have earned the following certifications: by passing specialty exams in the following areas: I have also earned a lifetime certification for teaching in the Maricopa County Community College District of Arizona in Chemistry (A.1.a) and Computer Information Systems (A.1.b).

Professional Activities

Service Activities


Journal Publications

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